Transport Beyond Oil


Thursday, November 15, 2012 Transport Beyond Oil:  Energy, Economic, National Security, and Environmental Implications of Creating New Paradigms for U.S. Transportation Featuring Alan Drake – Independent Transportation Research Consultant America’s reliance on oil as the primary energy source for transportation poses serious risks for our economy, national security, and environment. Charting a wise course for […]

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Transportation in an Oil-Constrained World


Dr. Charles Schlumberger – ASPO webinar slides Richard Gilbert – ASPO webinar slides

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Peak Oil, Declining EROI and the New Energy-Economic Reality with Dr. Charles A.S. Hall


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National Oil Emergency Response Plan, with Roger Bezdek


Slides for “National Oil Emergency Response Plan”

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Shale Oil in Perspective, with Art Berman


ASPO-USA Webinar Series
Arthur Berman, ASPO-USA Board Member
Download slides for “Shale Oil in Perspective”

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Global Oil Exports, with Jeffrey Brown


Slides for “Global Oil Exports”

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Shale Gas Update, with Art Berman


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